AGS Document List   100/AGS(Secreatariat)100-199

Title Date Requestor
SDI for Echonet, Proposed Structure
SDI for Echonet, SDI
101UWB (ultra wide band)2002-10N. Minami
102Update on MPEG activities2002-10K. Grant
103ATM audio/video alliance2002-10K. Grant
104Report of the thirteenth meeting of the TC100/AGS2002-11Secretariat
105Liaison letter to USB Implementation Forum2002-10Secretariat
106Liaison letter to Bluetooth SIG2002-11Secretariat
108Agenda of the fourteenth meeting of the TC100/AGS2003-10-08Secretariat
109TC100 AGS membership list per 2003-10-062003-10-08Secretariat
110Report on digital cinema2003-10M. S. Hyman
111Response to the PACT Report2003-03-31PACT Taskforce Group
112Minutes, 2nd meeting of PACT Taskforce Group2003-03-31PACT Taskforce Group
113Possible new project(s) of IEC/TC100, Multimedia quality2003-10H. Ikeda
114Overview of E-Publishing and E-Books and their requirements for International Standardization2003-11Y. Komachi
115Interface to secure identification subsystems2003-11M. Mukai
116New project proposal - Privacy control in consumer products2003-11J. Yoshio
117New project proposal - Protection reconciliation for free-deliverable information2003-11J. Yoshio
118New project proposal - Synchronization of audio and video2003-11J. Yoshio
119ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29 WG11:MPEG activity update2003-11K. Grant
120Development status of DVB-H and IP Datacast2003-11-03G. Wahlberg
121Standardization activities of home-network2003-11-06N. Minami
122Report of the fourteenth meeting of the TC100/AGS2003-11Secretariat
123USB-OTG (On-The-Go) update2003-11-05K. Murakami
124Ontology description for AV equipment and systems2003-11-05M. Mukai and K. Ohno
125The connected home2003-11J. van Lier
126In house network profile for AV equipment control - Update: DHWG2003-11-05K. Murakami
127ZigBee2003-11J. van Lier
128ZigBee overview2003-11J. van Lier
129Security - for PACT study2003-11J. Yoshio
130TC100 AGS membership list per 2004-04-302004-05Secretariat
131aAgenda of the fifteenth meeting of the TC100/AGS2004-05-16Secretariat
132IP datacast2004-05G. Wahlberg
133Liaison statement from ITU-R WP 6M2004-04S. Hirakawa
134Digital TV: encoding the development of interactive services2004-04S. Hirakawa
135aCommon communication protocol2004-05-14W. C. Choi
136Multimedia quality2004-05-18H. Ikeda
137Test activities and research and programs2004-05-18V. Baroncini
137bService continuity over different screen sizes2004-05-18V. Baroncini
137cA simple approach to identify REDUCED SETS OF VARIABLES2004-05-18V. Baroncini
138Guideline to pet protection -- Response to the concern proposed by Mr. Mori of SMB2004-05-04Y. Komachi
139Multimedia e-publishing and e-book -- Conceptial model for multimedia e-publishing2004-05-15Y. Uemura
140Progress report, Synchronization of audio and video2004-05-14J. Yoshio
141Technical methods for the protection of the privacy of end-users in interactive broadcasting suystems2004-05-07S. Hirakawa
142Progress report, Interface and Protection reconciliation for free-deliverable information2004-05-14J. Yoshio
143, 143aOntology application to AV equipment and systems2004-05-14M. Mukai, K. Ohno
144Digital cinema report2004-04-15M. S. Hyman
145Liaison report of ITU-R Working Party 6M2004-05S. Hirakawa
146Atendee list of TC100 AGS meeting held on 2004-05-18 in Copenhagen2004-05Secretariat
147Structure of BBeB standard2004-05-18M. Mukai
148IP datacast and DVB-H2004-05-18G. Wahlberg
149MPEG recent standardization activities2004-05-18K. Grant
150Standardization activities in home network2004-05-18N. Minami
151Conceptial model for multimedia e-publishing2004-05-18Y. Uemura
152Agreed action items, AGS meeting on May 18, 20042004-05-18Secretariat
153Draft report of the eighteenth meeting of TC 100/AGS meeting on 18 May 2004 in Copenhagen2004-06-13Secretariat
154a Agenda of the sixteenth meeting of the TC100/AGS 2004-10-10 Secretariat
155 Attendee of 16th TC100/AGS meeting 2004-10- Secretariat
156 Protection reconciliation for free-deliverable information 2004-10-07 J. Yoshio
157 Implementation guide to copy rights control 2004-09-28 J. Yoshio
158 Ontology application to network equipment management 2004-10-08 K. Ohno and R. Atarashi
159 Report of ITU-T workshop on home networking and home services 2004-10- S. Hirakawa
160 Synchronization of audio and video 2004-09-28 J. Yoshio
161 Mobile phone applications for AV systems - Mobile-phones as ubiquitous devices 2004-10-03 K. Ohno
162 E-publishing and E-books - Generic format for e-publishing 2004-10-12 Y. Uemura
163 "wireless" connectivity - Untangling ultrawideband 2004-10-07 M. Cocimarov
164 Scope of the AGS 2004-10-10 Secretariat
165 Status report of digital cinema 2004-10-14 M. Hyman
166 Status report of multimedia quality 2004-10-14 H. Ikeda
167 Standardization strategy on home-network technology 2004-10-14 K. Murakami
168 The role of international standards 2004-10-14 J. Baronas
169 Agreed action items, AGS meeting on Oct. 14, 2004 2004-10-14 Secretariat
170 Report of the sixteenth meeting of TC 100/AGS meeting on 14 October 2004 in Seoul 2004-11-24 Secretariat
171a Agenda of the seventeenth meeting of the TC100/AGS 2005-03-22 Secretariat
172 SMPTE DC28 Report (on Digital Cinema) 2005-05-02 M. Hyman
174 Requirements for home network configuration 2005-05-17 K. Ohno and R. Atarashi
175 Proofreading in e-Publishing environment and user requirements for interchange of proofreading information 2005-05-13 Y. Uemura
176 Home network protocol for multimedia home appliances 2005-05-12 N. Minami and A. Toba
177 Multimedia quality - Method of measurement and assessment of synchronization of audio and video 2005-05- H. Ikeda
178 Plan of home network workshop 2005-05-11 S. Hirakawa
179 DMP(Digital Media Project) Liaison 2005-05-07 S. Hirakawa
180 PACT smart home 2005-05-07 S. Hirakawa
181 Liaison from ITU-R Task Group 6/9 2005-05-07 S. Hirakawa
182 PACT issues whose NPs were approved or circulated 2005-05-10 Y. Komachi
183 Expected new TAs for new projects at hand 2005-05-10 Y. Komachi and S. Hirakawa
184 Activities for synchronization of audio and video 2005-05-11 S. Hirakawa
185 Home network lower layer protocol over TCP/IP 2005-05-12 N. Minami and A. Toba
186 DMB (Digital multimedia broadcastinh) service in Korea 2005-05-17 J. Y. Lee and M. H. Choi
187 DVB-H market status and commercial status 2005-05-17 P. Talmola
188 Recommendation and agreed action items, AGS meeting on May 18, 2005 2005-05-18 Secretariat
189 Attendee list of the 17th TC100 AGS meeting held on 2005-05-18 in Singapore 2005-05-23 Secretariat
190 Report of the seventeenth meeting of TC 100/AGS meeting on 18 May 2005 in Singapore 2005-07 Secretariat
191 Agenda of the eighteenth meeting of the TC100/AGS on 26 September 2005 2005-09-09 Secretariat
192 Interface and functionality of PIM Ontology 2005-09-09 K. Ohno
193 Measurement and assessment of synchronization of audio and video 2005-09 H. Ikeda
194 E-publishing and E-books - Reader's format for e-publishing 2005-09 Y. Uemura
195 Requirements for home network configuration 2005-09 K. Ohno and R. Atarashi
196 Plan of home network workshop 2005-09-24 S. Hirakawa
197, 197a Attendee list of the 18th TC100 AGS meeting 2005-09 Secreatariat
198 Liaison report on MPEG activities 2005-09 K. Grant
199 Planned NPs on network adapter interfaces 2005-09 A. Toba and S. Hirakawa