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Items/Projects discussed in the AGS meetings and discussions for new TAs


Y. Komachi and S. Hirakawa

1. Discussion issues in the AGS meetings

The following lists summarize the issues discussed in the AGS meetings (up to the last 23rd meeting and this meeting). The issues in a bold face were (or will soon be) proposed as NPs to establish PTs.

1.1 PACT issues discussed in Agenda items 5.1

(1) Generic guideline for users manual, structure and terminology, navigation, wizards 

(2) Standards for local presence detection 
 a) ZigBee systems

(3) Technical specifications for privacy protection and data security 
 b) Security - for PACT study 
 c) Guideline for privacy protection in disused equipment and systems
 d) Interface to identification subsystems 
 e) Protection reconciliation for free-deliverable information
 f) Related activity in ITU-R Question 111/6
 g) Implementation guide to copy rights control

 h) Guideline for privacy protection in disused equipment and systems (100/808/NP, PT 62045)
 i) Guideline for implementation of copy controlled multimedia interface (100/953A/NP, PT 62436) 

(4) Standard on ontology vocabulary and semantics
 j) Ontology description for AV equipment and systems
 k) Ontology application to network equipment management 
 l) Interface and functionality of PIM Ontology (DTR will soon be circulated)

(5) Technical report(s) on identification and classification of resources 
 r) IEC 62507 Basic rules for identification systems
 s) TC100 requirements for identifying TC100 objects
 t) Examples, TC100 object identification
 u) Report of the srage 0 project, Technical report on TC100 object identification and classification of resources 

(6) Standards for generic human interfaces for multiple networks in the home 
 m) "Wireless" connectivity - Untangling ultrawideband 

(7) Mapping application scenarios to interactive receiver's resources 
 n) Interfaces between an application and the system 
 o) Connected home, Entertainment HUB, etc. 

(8) New issues related to the PACT
 p) PACT smart home
 q) Policy statement on multimedia smart home technology

1.2 Other TC100 issues discussed in Agenda items 5.2 and 5.3 (5.4)

(01) Polymer Optical Fibre
(02) High density optical disc
(03) 3-D holographic disk system

(04) Minimum receiver requirements for DVB-T (PT 62002)
(05) Mobile multimedia & communications via DVB-T (PT 62002)
(06) Digital Radio Mondial
(07) Digital Video Links
(08) Receiver requirements related to the convergence of Mobile and CE
(09) IP Data Broadcast and Mobile Multimedia
(10) Interactive digital television 
(11) Development status of DVB-H and IP datacast
(39) DMB (Digital multimedia broadcastinh) service in Korea
(42) DVB-H market status and commercial status (PT 62002)
(49) Handheld receiver for DVB-H, etc., ITU-R new recommendation 
(50) NP-Proposal for T-DMB Receiver Standard (100/1174/NP, PT 62516)
(51) Introducing "1-seg" Terrestrial Digital TV in Japan
(58) Status report for preparing NPs on One-seg Receivers
(72) T-DMB Interactive Data service using BIFS (a part of T-DMB, IEC 62516)
(76) Common API for Mobile TV (T-DMB)

(12) Digital Cinema
(52) SMPTE DC28 Report and TC100 standardization issues
(53) Reference Projector for Digital Cinema
(59) TC100 strategy for standardization of Digital Cinema technology
(66) General channel assignment of multi channel audio (100/1309/NP, PT 62574)
(77) Reports of SMPTE activity on 3D TV

(16) MPEG applications
(48) Protocol stack for consumer equipment 
(17) Intelligent home
(18) Guideline to pet protection
(64) An introduction to HD Photo

(19) In-house network profile for AV equipment control
(20) USB-On-The-Go
(21) UWB application for multimedia equipment
(22) Blue tooth
(23) Service Diagnostic Interface
(30) SDI for Echonet (100/632/NP, PT 62394)
(31) Common Control Interface for digital audio and video products on asynchronous 
     transfer mode (ATM) networks (100/737/NP, PT 62379)
(33) Common communication protocol for generic linkage on heterogeneous 
     networks (100/871/NP, PT 62295)

(24) Mobile phone applications for AV systems
(25) Mobile applications

(29) State-of-charge measurement of battery (100/665/NP, PT 62393)

(26) Multimedia data storage - Application Program Interface for UDF based File 
     Systems (100/399/CDV, PT62291)
(27) Multimedia home server - Home Server Conceptual Model (100/422/NP, PT 62318)
(28) Multimedia home server - Interchangeable volume/filestructure adaptation 
     for broadcasting receivers  (100/447/NP, PT 62328)
(47) Volume and file structure for sequential recording of high-data-transfer-rate moving pictures
(55) Domain management and its application to home server (100/1296/NP, PT 62579)
(57) Multimedia DRM interoperability
(61) High definition TV recording (100/1247/NP, PT 62546)
(62) Report of the first meeting of ITU-T Focus Group on IPTV 

(35) Home network lower layer protocol over TCP/IP (100/996/NP, PT 62457)
(36) Home network protocol for multimedia home appliances
(37) Requirements for home network configuration (100/1415/NP)
(44) Standardization activities of home-network
(46) Multimedia home networks - Network interfaces for network adapter (100/1062/NP, PT 62480)
(56) The DLNA interoperability guidelines for international standardization (PT 62481-1/2)

(32) Multimedia e-publishing and e-book - Conceptual model for multimedia 
     e-publishing (100/864/NP, PT 62229)
(40) Proofreading in e-Publishing environment and user requirements for interchange of 
     proofreading information
(43) E-publishing and E-books - Generic format for e-publishing (100/AGM(Secr.)368, PT 62448)
(45) E-publishing and E-books - Reader's format for e-publishing (100/1210/NP, PT 62524)
(63) Related activites on SNS (Social Networking Site) technology

(13) Digital Image Quality
(14) Multimedia Quality 
(15) Tests of video quality
(34) Synchronization of audio and video (100/941/NP, PT 62312)
(38) Activities for synchronization of audio and video
(41) Method of (measurement and) assessment of synchronization of audio and video (100/1136/NP, PT 62503)
(54) Audio quality - Multichannel audio surrounding and loudness data
(60) Requirements for "Vocabulary and reference model for standardizing multimedia quality" (100/1240/NP, PT 62557)

(65) Accessibility Updates and Mapping Opportunities
(73) Report of the stage 0 project to develop and evaluate TR on TC100 accessibility (Stage 0 Project) 

(68) Energy efficient networks
(69) Report on IEC SMB SG1
(70) Smart standby power saving for home appliances

(71) Introducing the study of audio archive systems 

(67) TC100 strategy for security standardization 
(74) IETF strategy on security and its applicability to TC100 
(75) Standardization items for TC100 security 

(78) DRA audio standard (100/1447/NP)
(79) Sensor network 

2. TAs created by the projects of issues

2.1 TA8 "Multimedia home server systems"

TA8 was established by grouping the following issues for new projects:

2.2 TA9 "Audio, video and multimedia applications for end-user network"

TA9 was established by grouping the following issues for new projects:

2.3 TA10 "Multimedia e-publishing and e-book"

TA10 was established by grouping the following issues for new projects:

2.4 TA11 "Quality for audio, video and multimedia systems"

TA11 was established by grouping the following issues for new projects: