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Recommendations and agreed action items,
the 26th AGS meeting on Oct. 18, 2009

1. AGS accepts Mr. Keith Jones as an AGS member from South Hemisphere region and requests secretary to propose an amendment for 5.4.2 of TC 100 Guidelines and Procedures.

2. AGS requests Mr. Hyman to report of updated information on SMPTE and ISO TC 36 digital cinema.

3. AGS accepts 100/AGS376 aditional texts on TC100 security into the next revision of TC100 guidelines and procedures and requests AGM to review it.

4. AGS requests Ms. Baronas and Dr. Grant to propose text regarding the consideration of accessibility/usability for AGS review. If AGS generally agree, the text would be forwarded to the AGM for discussion and possible activities to the next revision of the IEC TC100 guidelines and procedures.

5. AGS appreciates the activities of the adhoc group on energy efficiency and requests the group to continue its activity particularly for responding to SG1.

6. AGS requests the TAs to discuss which standards and activities would be appropriate contribution to the SMB SG3 Smart Grid framework to Ms. Baronas.

7. AGS requests Mr. Minami to keep a liaisonship with TC59 for harmonization on IEC 62301/Ed2/CDV standby power consumption.

8. AGS appreciates the SB4 report and SMB new field proposal (SMB/4010A/DC) on contactless power transmission, AGS requests its secretary to create a TC100 position paper on this topic.

9. AGS requests AGM to establish a liaisonship with USB Implementation Forum to develop international standards on USB technology.

10. AGS expects the works of the high-level meeting and requests Dr. Hirakawa to encourage the coordination activities with ITU-T, JTC1 and ETSI.

11. AGS requests Mr. Yoshio to provide an NP on new TC100 standardization model including today's discussion on 100/AGS377.

12. AGS identifies the importance of user requirements for future TC100 standardization and asks Dr. Mukai to establish an adhoc group to discuss and report user requirements for future TC100 standardization.

13. AGS accepts the requirements for a terminology standard on multimedia home network configuration and requests Mr. Yoshio to propose an additional part for developing the standard.

14. AGS requests Ms. Baronas and Dr. Grant to report of updated information of TC100 accessibility.

15. AGS requests Mr. Fairhurst to report of updated information of CEA 3D activities.

16. AGS expresses its appreciation to Israel National Committee for handling arrangements of the AGS meeting.