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Minutes of the 27th AGS meeting on May 19, 2010

Date: 2010-5-19 / 9:00-16:30
Meeting Place: Divani Acropolis Hotel, Greek.


AGS Chairman Mr./Dr. Yushi Komachi JP
AGS Secretary Mr. Norimasa Minami JP/TC100 Assistant Secretary JP
TC100 Chairman Mr. Mark Hyman US
TC100 Secretary Mr./Dr. Shuji Hirakawa JP
AGS Mr. Tadashi Ezaki JP/TC100 Assistant Secretary JP
IEC CO Mr. Matei Cocimarov CH
AGS, TA1 TAM Mr. David Felland US (absent)
AGS, TA6&7 TS Mr./Dr. Mikio Mukai JP
AGS, TA8 TAM Mr. Shuichi Matsumura JP
AGS Ms. Jean Baronas US
AGS Ms. Ulrike Haltrich  DE, Digital Europe
AGS Ms./Dr. Kate Grant UK
AGS Ms. Megan Hayes US
AGS Mr. Eric van Nijhuis NL
AGS Mr. Pekka Talmola FI
AGS Mr. Dietrich Westerkamp DE (absent)
AGS Mr. Junichi Yoshio JP
AGS Mr. Subing Zhang CN
AGS Mr. Keith Jones AU
Mr./Dr. Jae-Young Lee KR, TA4/TAM
Mr. James Williamson US, TA9/TAM
Mr. Choi Kwang-SOON KR, TA4/TS
Mr. John Fairhurst US, TA12/TAM
Mr. Hiroyuki Iga JP, TA1/TS
Mr. Jiang Tian CN
Mr. Hironori Sakakihara JP, TA8/TS
Mr. Ero Sorri FI, TA5/TS
Mr, Yashio Uemura JP, TA10/TAM
Mr. John Woodgate UK, GMM/Chair
Mr. Stephen Wood US. USB-IF representative
Mr. Alexandros Psyrris, GR ELOT


0. Meeting call to order at 10:00
1. Opening and reconfirmation of the AGS scope --- 100/AGS(Secr.)233
    AGS scope by Prof. Komachi.
2. Approval of the agenda --- 100/AGS(Secr.)385
    No additional item and confirmed.
3. Review of the minutes of the last meeting --- 100/AGS(Secr.)385
    No objections and confirmed.
4. Membership of AGS
    AGS confirmed to welcome a new member from Germany/ Ms. Utlike as a representative of Digital Europe.
    Due to the guideline procedure the chair approved her as a successor to Mr.Brookes.
    Attendees list of 19th TC100/AGS meeting was circulated requesting entry of the autograph.

5. New Technologies within the scope of TC100

5.1 Follow-up of other issues of 26th (or former) meeting

(1) Digital TV receiver and mobile equipment

Mr. Talmola reported the current status of DVB-H mobile TV market.

(2) Digital Cinema

Mr. Hyman reported SMPTE DC28 and ISO/TC36 activities.

And he requested to take place by contacts to SMPTE and ISO/TC36..

(3) Additional clauses to TC100 guidelines and procedure

      Ms. Baronas reported and AGM would discuss how to deal with this issue.

(4) Energy efficiency

Ms. Baronas reported the current status of  SMB/SG.1.

Mr. Minami proposed to set two groups which deal with requirements to SMB/SG3 and SMB/SG4.

The reason why TC100 products will be composed to control target

Also many TC100 products are driven by direct current.

 (5) High-level meeting of ITU-T, JTC1 and IEC/TC100

Dr. Hirakawa reported the high-level activity and agenda items held in this Saturday..

       (6) Task Group for Post-PACT activities for future TC100 standardisation

             Dr. Mukai reported the meeting conclusions which was held yesterday.

       (7) USB battery chargers

             Dr. Hirakawa reported the current status of two projects related battery chargers.

(8) Relationship between TC100 and TC108

Dr. Hirakawa reported the current status.


5.3 New contributions

(1) Contactless power transmission

Ms. Hayes reported at the CEA and soon WG would start.

Guidelines such as safety issues would be expected.

Mr. Minami introduced the SB4 report held in this February.

(2) DRA audio code

Mr.Tian reported the activities in China and he has been requested to make a NP to TA4.


5.4 Reports on related activities

(1) Update on ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29   

Dr. Grant reported the MPEG activities quite fully..

(2) CEA 3D update

      Mr. Fairhurst reported two interesting issues, one is uncompressed interface and the other one is glasses.

6. Review of recommendations and agreed action items
    See Annex A.
7. Meeting schedule
    Next meeting is planned on October 11th 2010 in Seattle.
    Aftre the next meeting is planned tentatively on the next May in Madrid.
8. Other business
9. Closing
    AGS appreciated kind hospitality to Hellenic Organization for Standardisation.
    The meeting was adjourned at 16:30.

Annex A: Recommendations and agreed action items, the 27th AGS meeting on May 19, 2010

1. AGS accepts the change of membership from DigitalEurope replacing Mr. Karl Brookes with Ms. Ulrike Haltrich.

2. AGS thanks Mr. Talmola for his presentation and requests him to report updated information of digital TV market status.

3. AGS requests activity reports on digital cinema for SMPTE by Mr. Ohtaka.

ISO/TC36 on digital cinema consideration would be given to NCs for seeking a replacement for  Mr.Hyman.

4. AGS accepts 100/AGS393 as a reference information when drafting standards associating TC100 accessibility. Actual text is in AGS393.

5. AGS accepts the Ms. Baronas's report on SMB SG1 regarding IEC TC100 energy efficiency ad-hoc group EE-AHG recommendations.

6. AGS accepts the proposal 100/AGS388 and requests Ms. Baronas and Mr. Minami to establish task groups for proposing TC100 requirements to SMB SG3 and SG4 respectively. Responding task groups should be organized in accordance with the discussion in AGM considering liaisonship with TC59.

7. AGS thanks Dr. Hirakawa for his report on the high-level adhoc meeting and requests him to encourage the coordination activities with ITU-T, JTC1 and ETSI.

8. AGS accepts 100/AGS395 and 396 the interim reports of future technology task group FT-TG and requests Dr. Mukai to provide the next report on user requirements for future TC100 standardization after the next task group meeting.

9. AGS accepts requirements for creating an International Standard of USB including battery charging and other USB specifications and requests AGM to establish category D liaison with USB Implementers Forum to develop the USB specifications.

10. AGS accepts 100/AGS390 as status and strategy reports for keeping a good relationship between TC100 and TC108.

11. AGS thanks Ms. Hayes and Mr. Minami for their status reports on contactless power transmission and requests Ms. Hayes to clarify a TC100 position on this technology.

12. AGS thanks Mr. Tian for his presentation on DRA and requests him to forward the information to TA1 and TA4 for further discussion from the technical point of view.

13. AGS thanks Dr. Grant for her report and requests her to report of updated information of JTC1/SC29 activity.

14. AGS thanks Mr. Fairhurst for his report and requests him to report updated information of CEA 3D activities.

AGS identifies it is a good timing to consider international standardization of 3D technology and requests Mr. Fairhurst and Dr. Hirakawa to develop a strategy to create International Standards on the technology taking liaison with associated organizations.

15. AGS expresses its appreciation to Greek National Committee for handling arrangements of the AGS meeting.

16. Future meetin : October the 11th/PM, at the Seattle, in conjuction with IEC general meeting