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Minutes of the 28th AGS meeting on October 11, 2010

Date: 2010-10-11 / 14:00-17:30
Meeting Place: ASPEN / Sheraton Seattle, USA.


AGS Chairman Prof./Dr. Yushi Komachi JP
TC100 Assistant Secretary Mr. Norimasa Minami JP
TC100 Chairman Mr. Mark Hyman US
TC100 Secretary Mr./Dr. Shuji Hirakawa JP
AGS Mr. Tadashi Ezaki JP/TC100 Assistant Secretary JP
IEC CO Mr. Matei Cocimarov CH
AGS Ms. Jean Baronas US
AGS Mr. David Felland US
AGS Ms./Dr. Kate Grant UK
AGS Ms. Ulrike Haltrich  DE, Digital Europe
AGS Ms. Megan Hayes US
AGS Mr. Jack Holm US
AGS Mr. Keith Jones AU
AGS Mr. Eric van Nijhuis NL
AGS Mr. Pekka Talmola FI (absent)
AGS Mr. Dietrich Westerkamp DE (absent)
AGS Mr. Junichi Yoshio JP
AGS Mr. Subing Zhang CN
AGS Mr. Dr. Mikio Mukai JP
AGS Mr. Shuichi Matsumura JP

Mr. Tom White US, MMA
Mr. Shiburo Tokano JP
Ms. Kae Hibawa JP
Mr. Yashio Uemura JP, TA10/TAM
Mr. Koji Tsukada JP, TA6
Mr. Hideki Ohtaka JP, TA6/TAM
Prof. Hiroaki Muraoka JP, TA7/TAM
Mr. Satoshi Kageyama JP, TA4
Mr. Hironori Sakakihara JP, TA8/TS
Mr. James Williamson US, TA9/TAM
Mr. Richard Valenta AS, Secretary of CLC/TC206
Mr. Stephen P. Oksala US
Mr. Brian Markwalter US, CEA
Mr. Toshihiro Inokuchi JP
Mr. Hiroyuki Iga JP, TA1&TA12/TS
Prof./Dr. Jae-Young Lee KR, TA4/TAM
Mr. Choi Kwang-SOON KR, TA4/TS
Mr. Nam Ock Wai KR
Dr. Seung-Moem Ryu KR,
Mr. John Fairhurst US, TA12/TAM
Mr. Ero Sorri FI, TA5/TS
Mr. Stephen Wood US. USB-IF representative
Mr. Chen Rew CN
Mr. Fan Kefeng CN,
Mr. Zhang Huayi CN
AGS Ms. Grace Wei US


0. Meeting call to order at 14:00

1. Opening and reconfirmation of the AGS scope --- 100/AGS(Secr.)233, 100/AGS(Secr.429)
AGS scope by Prof. Komachi.

2. Approval of the agenda --- 100/AGS(Secr.)404
No additional item and confirmed.

3. Review of the minutes of the last meeting --- 100/AGS(Secr.)403
No objections and confirmed.

4. Membership of AGS
Attendees list of 28th TC100/AGS meeting was circulated requesting entry of the autograph.

5. New Technologies within the scope of TC100
 5.1 Follow-up of other issues of 27th (or former) meeting
  (1) Terrestrial digital TV receiver based on DTMB
Mr. Zhang made the presentation and he has requested to summit NP to TA1.
  (2) Conceptual model for Internet TV
Mr. Zhan reported and there was the discussion for establishing Stage 0 project. AGS requests AGM to set it up.
  (3) Digital Cinema
Mr. Ohtaka reported SMPTE activities.
  (4) Energy efficiency
Ms. Baronas reported the current status of SMB/SG.1.
Mr. Minami reported the current status of related smart grid in IEC.
Dr. Hirakawa reported the SG3 workshop held in July.
Mr. Minami reported the SG4 meeting in September.
  (5) High-level meeting of ITU-T, JTC1 and IEC/TC100
Mr. Ezaki reported the high-level meeting of ITU-T, JTC1 and TC100 held in May.
  (6) Amendment to 61998 (Model and flamework for standardization in multimedia equipment and systems)
Mr. Yoshio proposed the amendment.
  (7) Contactless power transmission
Ms. Hayes reported the TC100 position.
  (8) 3D Technology
Mr. Fairhurst reported the current status of 3d technology.
  (9) Task Group for Post-PACT activities for future TC100 standardisation
Dr. Mukai reported.

 5.2 New contributions
  (1) IDPF activities
Mr.Ezaki reported liaison with IDPF and AGS agreed to establish liaison.
  (2) MIDI
Mr.White reported the requirements for IS for MIDI standards.
  (3) Reorganization of TC100
Mr. Minami reported the new structure of TC100 and AGS basically agreed but requested to reconsider the scope of new TA14.
  (4) Personal space communication
Dr. Ryu introduced and TA4 and TA9 have been requested which TA would deal with NP.

 5.3 Reports on related activities
  (1) Update on ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29
Dr. Grant reported the MPEG activities quite fully.

6. Review of recommendations and agreed action items
See Annex A.

7. Meeting schedule
Next meeting is planned on the April 26th 2011 in Madrid.
After the next meeting is planned tentatively on the next October 24th in Melbourun.

8. Other business

9. Closing
AGS appreciated kind hospitality to US National committee. The meeting was adjourned at 17:30.

Annex A: Recommendations and agreed action items

Recommendations and agreed action items,
the 28th meeting of the TC100/AGS on Monday, 11 October 2010

1. AGS recommends that the document 100/AGS410 should be forwarded to TA1 for discussing the NP submission.

2. AGS requests AGM to establish a stage 0 project to survey and clarify the conceptual model for internet TV and its services.

3. AGS thanks Mr. Ohtaka for his report and requests him to report updated information for SMPTE activities on digital cinema.

4. AGS accepts the reports of AHG and TGs (documents 100/AGS421, 413, 425 and 414) and requests the TGs to provide TC100 requirements to the SMB/SGs.

5. AGS thanks Mr. Ezaki for his report on the high-level adhoc meeting and requests him to encourage the coordination activities with ITU-T, JTC1 and ETSI.

6. AGS accepts the document 100/AGS424 as an interim report of the FT-TG and requests the group to submit the final report in 2011.

7. AGS accepts the proposal for amendment to IEC 61998, and requests AGM to take a processing for development of the amendment.

8. AGS accepts the document 100/AGS426 as a draft TC100 position on contactless power transmission.

9. AGS accepts the document 100/AGS420 as a draft TC100 position on 3D technology and requests Ms. Fairhurst to finalize the strategy including today's discussions.

10. AGS recognizes that international standardization of EPUB could be important for EPUB users and IDPF, and requests AGM to establish a category D liaison between IDPF and TC100.

11. AGS recognizes the urgent requirements for international standardization of MIDI and requests AGM to establish a category D liaison between MAA/AMEI and TC100.

12. AGS reviewed the proposals 100/AGS406 and 419, and requests AGM to discuss the proposals in its meeting.

13. AGS recommends that the documents 100/AGS411 and 422 should be forwarded to TA4 and TA9 respectively for discussing the NP submissions.

14. AGS thanks Dr. Grant for her report and requests her to report updated information of JTC1/SC29 activities.

15. The next AGS meeting will be held in 26 April 2011 in Madrid.

16. AGS expresses its appreciation to US National Committee for handling arrangements of the AGS meeting.