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Minutes of the 29th AGS meeting on April 26, 2011

Date: 2011-4-26 / 10:00-16:30
Meeting Place: AENOR, Madrid, Spain


AGS Chairman : Mr./Dr. Yushi Komachi, JP
Mr. Norimasa Minami JP, TC100 Assistant Secretary
Mr. David Felland US, TC100 Chairman
Mr.Tadashi Ezaki JP, TC100 Secretary
Mr.Hiroyuki Iga JP, TC100Assistant Secretary
Mr. Gabriel Barta, IEC/CO
Mr. Matei Cocimarov, IEC/CO (Absent)
Mr./Dr. Mikio Mukai, JP TA6/TS
Mr. Shuichi Matsumura, JP TA8/TAM
Ms. Jean Baronas, US US-TAG Chair
Ms. Ulrike Haltrich, DE, Digital Europe
Ms./Dr. Kate Grant, UK Nine Tiles (Absent)
Ms. Megan Hayes, US CEA (Absent)
Mr. Eric van Nijhuis, NL Philips (Absent)
Mr. Pekka Talmola FI TA1/TAM
Mr./Dr. Dietrich Westerkamp, DE Thomson
Mr. Junichi Yoshio, JP TA11/TAM
Mr. Subing Zhang, CN CESI
Mr. Keith Jones, AU Australian Industry Group
Ms. Grace Wei, US Intel

Mr. John Woodgate, UK GMM/Chair
Mr. Hironori Sakakihara, JP TA8/TS
Mr. Yoshihisa Narui, JP TA
Ms. Tsuyoshi Naruoka, JP TA13/TS
Mr. Koji Tsukada, JP
Mr. Hideki Ohtaka, JP TA6/TS
Mr. Toshihiro Inokuchi, JP TA12/TS
Mr. Onno Elzinga, ECMA International
Mr./Dr. Mason Oh, KR
Mr. Choi Kwang-SOON, KR TA4/TS
Mr./Dr. Jung Uck Seo, KR
Mr./Dr. Seung Moon Ryu, KR
Mr. John Fairhurst, US TA12/TAM
Mr. Ero Sorri FI, TA5/TS
Mr./Dr. Jae-Young Lee KR, TA4/TAM
Mr./Dr. Yashio Uemura JP, TA10/TAM
Mr. Guido Gybels, European Blind Union(UK)
Mr. Osamu Namikawa, JP
Mr. Paul Szucs, ES
Mr./Dr. Lim Seung-Ok, KR
Mr./Dr. Kang Shin-Gak, KR
Mr. He Won-Park, KR
Mr. Julian Sesena, ES
Mr. Pablo A. Corronsw Crespi, ES AENOR SMBmember
Mr. Francisco Verdera, ES AENOR
Ms. Miriam Marin, ES AENOR


0. Meeting call to order at 10:00

1. Opening and reconfirmation of the AGS scope --- 100/AGS/233
AGS scope by Chair Prof. Komachi.

2. Approval of the agenda --- 100/AGS/433
No additional item and confirmed.

3. Review of the minutes of the last meeting --- 100/AGS/432
No objections and confirmed.

4. Membership of AGS
 (1) Membership reported to SMB --- Annex 1 of SMB/4390/R (Report of AGS meeting)
 (2) Attendee list of the 29th TC100 AGS meeting --- 100/AGS/434
Attendees list of 29th TC100/AGS meeting was circulated requesting entry of the autograph.
 (3) New members
Ms. Grace Wei has succeeded to Mr. Felland.
Dr. Mukai's successor will be selected among Asia area.
AGS approved that Dr.Komachi will continue the new three years term of AGS Chair.

5. New Technologies within the scope of TC100
 5.1 Follow-up of other issues of 28th (or former) meeting
  (1) Digital Cinema
   Reports of SMPTE DC28 --- (H. Ohtaka) 100/AGS/436
Mr. Ohtaka reported the current status.
  (2) Energy efficiency
   Report of TC8(SG3) workshop --- (T. Inokuchi) 100/AGS/442, 100/AGS452
Mr. Inokuchi reported the TC8 workshop in March.
   Report of SG4 Frankfurt meeting --- (N. Minami) 100/AGS/440
Mr. Minami reported the SMB/SG4 meeting in Feb.
Mr. Barta reported SG4 was very slow progress because of paying attention safety issue.
Mr.Ezaki made a comment it was very important to colaborate with TC59.
   Liaison to TC59 on an NP (SMB/SG384) --- (N. Minami)
AGS approved to proceed the official procedure to make liaison with TC59.
  (3) Contactless power transmission
   Wireless Power Transfer Technology --- (M. Hayes) 100/AGS/435
   System description wireless power transfer --- (CEA and WPC (wireless power consortium)) 100/AGS/438
Ms.Baronus reported CEA activity
100/AGS/438 was sumitted by Mr.Cocimarov
There was a question about scope and answered it was entertainment issues in automobile.
  (4) 3D technology
   TC100 strategy to develop International Standards for 3D technology --- (J. Fairhurst) 100/AGS/449
Mr.Fairhurst reported the current status of standrdization activities of 3D in DVB, ETSI, etc
Mr.Jones reported Australia has started the work.
  (5) Pico-net activities
Dr. Mason Oh made the presentation of the progress aftre the Seattle meeting.
There was a concern about the scope duplication with ISO/TC228 and AGS recommended to make a liaison when a NP would be submmitted.

 5.2 New contributions
  (1) Text Speech for Television
   Digital Europe proposal on text speech for television - General requirements --- (U. Haltrich) 100/AGS/437
   Proposal from the EBU (European Blind Union) --- (G. Gybels) 100/AGS/439, 100/AGS/448
Ms. Haltrich reported TTS(Text-To-Speach) under NP voting and its additional information.
Mr. Gybels addressed the importance of TTS and has requested to have liaison with TC100
Note: Liaison will be discussed in AGM meeting.
  (2) IPTV terminal function
   Proposal of Open IPTV Forum --- (P. Szucs) 100/AGS/451
Mr. Szucs made the presentation of Open IP TV forum and requested to make a liason. Also, OIPF has requested to submit their specification to TC100. There were arguments for relation with ITU-T/SG9 and this specification is focusing about terminal functionalities.
Secretary answered the NP will be considered such as the DLNA specifications.
Note: Liaison will be discussed in AGM meeting.
  (3) FT-TG(Future technology task group) report and its response plan
   Report of FT-TG --- (M. Mukai) 100/AGS450
Dr. Mukai, chair, reported the FT-TG activities and recommendations.
Note: The resolution => See 6.1

6. New activities of AGS
 6.1 Strategies and structures
  (1) Focus on AGS discussion/time --- (New TC100 Chair)
There were active discussions how to deal with FT-TG's output. See the recommendatiomn 8 in Annex.
  (2) Establishment of support team for AGS chair --- (T. Ezaki)
AGS approved to create s support team and the details will be discussed in order to discuss in the next AGS meeting.

 6.2 Activities
  (1) Workshop for e-Book and e-Publishing --- (Y. Uemura/TA10) 100/AGS/446
Dr. Uemura reported an idea of workshop and AGS approved TC100 will have a workshop. Also, AGS has requested to make a actual plan by TA10.

 6.3 Technical issues for liaisonship
  (1) JTC1/SC29, DASH--- 100/AGS/443
  (2) JTC1/SC29, Text-to-speech --- 100/AGS444
  (3) ITU-T/SG9, hybrid broadcast and broadband application framework --- 100/AGS/445
  (4) ITU-T/SG15, protocol for identifying home network topology --- 100/AGS/447
There were discussions how to deal with the above liaisonship. See the recommendation 10 solution in Annex.

7. Review of recommendations and agreed action items --- 100/AGS/453
 Recommendations and agreed action items, the 29th meeting of the TC100/AGS on Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Annex A: Recommendations and agreed action items

Recommendations and agreed action items,
the 29th AGS meeting on April 26, 2011

1, AGS thanks Mr. Ohtaka for his report, and requests him to report of updated information for SMPTE activitis on digital cinema.

2. AGS accepts the reports of AHG and TGs, and requests the groups to provide TC100 requirements to the SMB/SGs.

3. AGS thanks CEA for the report of standardization on wireless power transfer technology.

4. AGS recommends that the document 100/AGS441 should be discussed with a close liaisonship with ISO/TC 228 for international standardization.

5. AGS thanks Ms. Haltrich for her presentation of the submitted NP on Text-To-Speech and requests the expected project to be harmonized with associated activities, e.g., European Blind Union.

6. AGS forwards the European Blind Union's proposal to AGM for processing of D liaison.

7. AGS recommends Open IPTV forum to submit specification for terminal functionality standardization before processing of D liaison. The specification will be circulated as an NP by TC 100 secretariat.

8. AGS appreciates the report of FT-TG and recognized the requirements to research the high-prioritized issues from the TC100 standardization point of view.

AGS agreed to continueing further discussion on specific themes in future AGS meetings to clarify standardization strategies (standard title, purpose, justification, etc).

AGS appoints the following leaders to orangize the sessions by forming teams with volunteers in AGS members or non members.

S1J. Fairhurst3D technology
S2U. HaltrichAAL (ambient assisted living)
S3M. Hayes (to be contacted)Contactless power transmission
S4T. InokuchiSmart grid, LVDC and the EE related issues

Other FT-TG proposals will be discuused after the next AGS meeting.

9. AGS appreciates the draft plan of workshop for e-Book and e-Publishing, and requests TA10 to investigate to hold the workshop in conjunction with associated organizations.

10. AGS instructs TC100 secretariat to forward the following liaisons:

11. AGS expresses its appreciation to Spanish National Committee for handling arrangements of the AGS meeting.