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Recommendations and agreed action items,
the 38th meeting of the TC 100/AGS on Monday, 05 October, 2015

1. AGS thanks Ms. Alayne Bell and Mr. Hong Zhang for their contributions to AGS and welcomes Ms. Veronica Lancaster and Dr. Xiaoying Zhao.

2. AGS requests Digital Europe to appoint a successor of Mr. D. Westerkamp.

3. AGS recommends the establishment of a stage 0 project for preparing an NP for TS on "UHD terminology".

4. AGS recommends SS 1 widen the international participation in the activity and notes the change of leadership to Dr. X. Zhao from Mr. H. Zhang.

5. AGS considers the planned activities of SS 5 are sufficient to support a new TA and recommends SS 5 to clarify the scope of the new TA on "multimedia equipment and systems for road vehicles".

6. AGS thanks SS 7 for its report and recommends SS 7 to seek additional members and to study the standardization issues of robotics technology within the scope of TC 100, and work with TA16 on AAL relevant use cases.

7. AGS recommends SS 8 continue collecting a variety of use cases for stage 0 project on "use cases of wearable systems" and to liaise with TA16 as appropriate.

8. AGS recommends SS 8 establish a stage 0 project to prepare an NP for "user comfort and evaluation of smart textiles and wearables".

9. AGS recommends Japanese NC submit an NP for "hearing support function" after discussion with SS 8 experts.

10. AGS recommends Japanese NC submit a DTR on "power supplying scheme for wearable systems and equipment" after discussion with SS 8 experts.

11. AGS thanks Mr. Ezaki for his report on SMB/SG 10 and requests him to report on SMB/SG 10 activity and particularly the progress in its first meeting in November.

12. AGS recommends SS 9 submit a DTR on "measurement method of high dynamic range video".

13. AGS thanks Mr. Ezaki for his report on SMB/SEG 1 and requests TC 100 secretariat to nominate a representative to the SyC of "electrotechnical aspects of smart cities".

14. AGS recommends Chinese NC submit an NP on "multi-screen LCD display system" as this will complement work in TC110.

15. AGS identify the importance of proposed topics in 100/AGS657 and recommends to establish a new SS 10 on multimedia cyber technology. AGS appoints Mr. J. Yoshio as the tentative leader of SS 10.

16. AGS accepts the guideline for study sessions with additional outcome related to SMB strategic discussion and recommends AGS secretary notify it to the SS leader at the beginning of a new SS.

17. AGS expresses its appreciation to Belarus National Committee for handling arrangements of the AGS meeting and providing excellent facilities and refreshments.