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Recommendations and agreed action items,
the 39th meeting of the TC 100/AGS on Tuesday, 24 May, 2016

1. AGS received the proposal for adding Mr. Michael Dolan as an AGS member and welcomed him. AGS requests TC100 for approving his membership.

2. AGS requests Digital Europe to appoint a successor of Mr. D. Westerkamp as the AGS member.

3. AGS accepts Mr. Inokuchi's clarification of difference between Study Session (SS) and Stage-0 project and recommends SS members to refer to it when beginning work.

4. AGS requests Mr. Inokuchi to create the list of stage-0 project in AGS and to review whether TC100 project number has already assigned to all stage-0 projects in AGS. If there is any stage-0 project without TC100 project number, AGS requests TC100 secretaries to assign project number.

5. AGS recommends SS 1 to encourage stage-0 project for preparing an NP for TS on "UHD terminology".

6. AGS requests SS 5 to submit the revised ToR to AGM for the establishment of a new TA.

7. AGS recommends SS 7 to continue the study of standardization issues of robotics technology within the scope of TC 100 reviewing the activities of SMB/ACART and ISO TC 299.

8. AGS recommends SS 8 to put the collected use cases on the agreed template so that they can be used to justify new work in the appropriate TAs and Study Sessions.

9. AGS recommends SS 8 to continue the work on the stage 0 project for defining the scope of, and drafting, the DTR on "user comfort and evaluation of smart textiles and wearables".

10. AGS noted that Japanese NC has submitted the NP for "measurement method for assistive listening functionality".

11. AGS recommends Japanese NC to submit a DTR on "power supplying scheme for wearable systems and equipment".

12. AGS thanks Mr. Ezaki for his report on SMB/SG 10 and requests him to keep updating AGS about SG 10 activities.

13. AGS recommends SS 9 to submit the final text of TR on "measurement method of high dynamic range video" for publication.

14. AGS requests Mr. Yoshio to finalize the call for member of SS10 with closing date etc. and request AGS secretary to issue the call for member to all AGS and AGM members.

15. AGS recommends SS 10 to study standardization issues of multimedia cyber technology within the scope of TC 100.

16. AGS thanks Dr. Hirakawa for his report on SyC Smart Cities and requests him to keep updating the AGS about SyC Smart Cities.

17. AGS recommends that the Chinese NC should submit an NP on "multi-screen LCD display system".

18. AGS thanks Mr. Tai for his report on Hbb4All and recommends that TA 1 and TA 16 investigate the possibility of international standardization of Hbb4All and prepare a report by next AGS meeting.

19. AGS thanks Mr. Kopitz and Mr Sakuma for the report on the new 8 part structure of RDS2 and recommends TA 1 to arrange an appropriate NP processing.

20. AGS thanks Ms. Lopnig for her report on GARI.

21. AGS requests TA16 to investigate the possibility of developing a liaison relationship with GARI by identifying a relevant project in TC100 to demonstrate the benefit of establishing the liaison relationship.

22. AGS recommends to investigate potential TC 100 standardization issues related to the topic of a laser display system before establishing a new study session.

23. AGS thanks Mr. Ezaki for his report of the meeting with ITU-T and IEC TCs, and AGS expects IEC CO to coordinate with ITU-T officers for resolving overlap issues.

24. AGS requests PONT to discuss ways of avoiding conflict before TC100 Plenary meeting in Frankfurt. AGS encourages AGS members to join the PONT discussion.

25. AGS thanks Ms. Haltrich for her report of the ISO/IEC/ITU Workshop on IoT.

26. AGS expresses its appreciation to Austrian National Committee for handling arrangements of the AGS meeting and providing excellent facilities and refreshments.