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Recommendations and agreed action items,
the 40th meeting of the TC 100/AGS on Wednesday, 28 Sept., 2016

1. AGS thanks Mr. Inokuchi for his clarification of study sessions and the stage 0 projects recommended by AGS and requests him to update the status list.

2. AGS closes SS 1 and thanks Ms. Zhao for her leadership for SS 1 activities.

3. AGS recommends that the project PT 100-14 (preparation of an NP for TS on "UHD terminology") to be disbanded.

4. AGS requests Mr. Inokuchi to nominate a leader of SS 7 by the next AGS meeting.

5. AGS recommends AGM and SS 7 to establish a stage 0 project to develop a TR: Conceptual model for TC 100 robotics and appoints Mr. Inokuchi as leader of the project.

6. AGS recommends Japanese NC to submit a DTR: Multimedia systems and equipment - Multimedia signal transmission - Dependable line code with error correction.

7. AGS recommends to merge the project PT 100-10 (collecting use cases on wearable systems and equipment) and PT 100-13 (preparation of an NP for "user comfort and evaluation of smart textiles and wearables").

8. AGS thanks Ms. Haltrich and Mr. Ezaki for their report on SMB/SG 10.

9. AGS closes SS 9 and thanks Mr. Fairhurst for his leadership for SS 9 activities.

10. AGS appoints Mr. Yoshio as leader of SS 10.

11. AGS recommends AGM and SS 10 to establish a stage 0 project to develop a TR: Conceptual model for TC 100 standardization on multimedia cyber technology.

12. AGS thanks M. Sakuma and Dr. Hirakawa for their report on SyC Smart Cities and requests them to report on updated information relating to the SyC.

13. AGS recommends TC 100 should appoint a liaison representative to SyC Smart Cities.

14. AGS recommends TC 100 to circulate the NP on Multi-screen LCD display system with part 1 as TS and part 2 as IS.

15. AGS recommends to establish a new SS on VR. AGS appoints Ms. Zhao as the interim leader of SS 11 with the following terms of reference:

16. AGS recommends AGS secretary to circulate a call for membership for the new SS 11.

17. AGS recommends TC 100 secretary to arrange a high-level meeting to foster ITU-T, JTC 1 and TC 100 collaboration.

18. AGS expresses its appreciation to German National Committee for handling arrangements of the AGS meeting and providing excellent facilities and refreshments.