1.3.2 DocSII, What to do

— More clarification of DoCSII Activity —

(1) DocSII develops and standardizes a style language library described by an existing style language, e.g., DSSSL or XSL.


The style language library
 — is similar to a macro library of programming language,
 — makes it feasible to describe actual style specifications to a structured documents, and
 — contributes to document interchange preserving rendered page layouts.

(2) DocSII studies existing document styles/layouts, in particular, studies major document styles/layouts actually used for Asian documents presentation. Being based on the study, a style language library is developed.

(3) DocSII recognizes that document styles/layouts are actually employed depending upon

and that they are changing year by year.

(4) DocSII will submit the developed style language library to ISO/IEC JTC1 for international multilingual document interchange preserving rendered page layouts.

Major document styles/layouts for Japanese/English documents have been studied by Japanese experts and DSSSL library for the styles/layouts has been submitted to ISO as ISO/IEC TR 19758.