Conclusions of Asian IT Standardization Workshop 2005, Singapore


Conclusion 1. ISO/IEC 24754: Minimum requirements for specifying document rendering systems

The Workshop recognizes this project of JTC1/SC34 was established being based on the discussion within the DocSII project.

Countries participating the Workshop are interested in the activities in the project of JTC1/SC34 and support it from their own points of view.

The Workshop recognizes importance of the standard for Asian countries where requirements for rendering are unique and complex.

The discussions in the Workshop should be reported to JTC1/SC34/WG2 meeting for the project editors to draft the new texts.

Conclusion 2. Modularization for document descriptions

The Workshop identifies the importance of modularization for document description on structures and style specifications.

The Workshop recommends that the following issues should be clarified for establishing new project on the modularization:

The Workshop recognizes that the importance of productivity improvement of electronic documents for Asian countries, in particular, under-developing countries, for further promotion of Information Technology within the countries.