1. Background

1.1 XML data and the style specification

The XML is an internationally approved standard for structured data description. It is actually employed to describe web documents, newspapers (NewsML), multimedia contents (SMIL), etc.

For visible presentation of the XML data, some rendering systems such as formatters are required. User specification for the rendering system is a style specification, which can be interchanged as well as XML data. Style specification can be carried out by style specification languages such as DSSSL (ISO/IEC 10179) and XSL.

1.2 DocSII project (by CICC, 2002 through 2004)

The DocSII project focused on the style specification and made it easy to describe style specification of complicated Asian documents by developing style specification libraries (DSSSL libraries, Amds to ISO/IEC TR 19758). Those have been published by ISO[1].

1.3 XML in e-Government

The XML is actually used for describing a number of government doscuments[2]; existing and new documents. It is an extremely large work and description efficiency becomes essential.