Activity Report 3 (Detailed Version) and Plan of XML Project

XML Project/Japan

In June 12, 2000, We reported a preliminary XML DTD for ISO standards. The DTD has been posted on the ITSIG web page of "04. Final deliverables", as:

In July 07, 2000, We reported XML tools (editor, parser and browser). It has also been posted on the web page as

We are now revising the DTD, in particular, for the table elements. After its completion we will draft the final report including the DTD and explanation of the semantics. It will be

"XML DTD for International Standards and Technical Reports"
and submitted by February 2001. In order to do them efficiently, we would like to

We recognize the user requirements for a style specification for XML/SGML document interchange. In the June report, we attached some simplified examples of XSL specification for ISO standards described by XML. Standard style specifications using XSL/XSLT/XPath will also be developed and reported by Feb. 2001. It will be

"XSL/XSLT Style Specification for International Standards and Technical Reports".

NOTE 1: XSL(Extensible Stylesheet Language) is a language for defining stylesheets which specify the presentation of a class of XML documents by describing how an instance of the class is transformed into an XML document that uses the formatting vocabulary.

NOTE 2: XSLT(XSL Transformations) is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents.

NOTE 3: XPath(XML Path Language) is a language for addressing parts of an XML document, designed to be used by XSLT.

Regarding the activities to be carried out after March 2001, we have a plan to develop the following issues for interchanging more complicated and multimedia standards documents:

Those modules are expected to support on-line distribution of future standards documents.