1. My lectures on International Standardization

I am taking charge of the lectures of "Strategy for International Standardization" in Graduate Course of Osaka Institute of Technology[1] and Kokushikan University[2]. They respond to the requirements proposed by Japan business federation[3] and Japanese Government[4],[5].

The lecture program of last year included the following topics

-- Requirements and classification --
(1) Requirements for international standardization
(2) International standards and other standards
(3) Management standards
(4) Organizations for international standardization and their activities
(5) Standardization in consortia
-- Procedure issues --
(6) Procedures for international standardization
(7) Responsibilities of secretariats
(8) Organizations and procedures for national standardization
-- Strategy issues --
(9) Intellectual properties in standardization
(10) Strategy for using TR, Fast-track and PAS
(11) Supports and cooperation with standardization activities of Asian countries
-- Actual works and case studies --
(12) Actual discussions in the IEC/TC100 meetings
(13) Drafting national standards conforming to international standards
(14) Drafting new work item proposals for ISO and IEC
(15) Drafting international standards for ISO and IEC

This year I added the four topics:

(16) Actual discussions in the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 meetings
(17) Actual discussions in the ITU-T/TSAG meetings
(18) National government strategy for international standardization
(19) Participation to a conference on international standardization of an academic institute (see 3.)


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