3. Activity in an Academic Institute

The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan (IIEEJ) provided a special session of Education about International Standardization in its annual conference (Media Computing Conference 2007) in June 24, 2007. The session consisted of the following presentations:

(1) A Concept of Research and Education in Standards Studies, by Shiro KURIHARA (Hitotsubashi University)
(2)Foundation of ICES (International Committee for Education about Standardization) and its current status, by Toshiaki Kurokawa (CSK Holdings)
(3)Development of Teaching Materials for Standardization in the Fields of Electric, Electronics and Related Technologies, by Hiroaki IKEDA (CHIBA University) and Akira IZUMI (METI)
(4)"Strategy for International Standardization" in Graduate Course of a University, by Yushi KOMACHI (Osaka Institute of Technology)
(5)Development and Implementation of Education Programs for Strategic Standardization, by Yukiko KAMIJO and Junghoon KIM (KEIO University)
(6)Cooperation between ITU-T and Universities on Education and Research for Standardization, Mitsuji MATSUMOTO (WASEDA University) and Yoshikazu IKEDA (National Institute of Informatics)

Since there were a number of fruitful discussions in the session, IIEEJ established the Society of Education about International Standardization (STD/IIEEJ), in Sept, 2007. Mr. Toshiaki Kurokawa was appointed as the chair of the new society. The web of the society locates at

The 1st conference of the society (STD 1) was held in Tokyo in Jan. 22, 2008, where there were two presentation and corresponding discussions:

(1) How Shall Our Country Stand Up and Face Standards?, by Shiro KURIHARA (Hitotsubashi University)
(2)Development of educating materials for Standardization, by Takashi Matsumoto (JSA)

In the next annual conference (Media Computing Conference 2008) of IIEEJ to be held in June 2008, the society is planning to provide a special session. Major topic of the session will be the expected aspects for the Education about International Standardization.