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TITLE: Report of the Fonts Group discussion
SOURCE: Font Project
STATUS: Document for JTC1/SC34 meeting in Chicago
ACTION: For information and discussion in SC34 Plenary
DATE: 1998-11-10
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons
REPLY TO: Dr. James David Mason
(ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Chairman)
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Report of the Fonts Group discussion

Font Group met in Nov 09, 1998 and discussed its activity plan in SC34 and concluded as shown below:

1. New amendment to ISO/IEC 9541-1

Font Group proposes to start the development of Amendment 3 to ISO/IEC 9541-1: "Multilingual extensions to font resource architecture", in a subdivided project


identifying the purpose and justification:

Documents interchanged in the internet environments are often required to be multilingual mixture, i.e., described using multiple languages within a paragraph, a page or a document. Those multilingual documents should be rendered and represented according to appropriate multilingual formatting.
Existing ISO/IEC 9541 and the Amendments can support multilingual font treatments. However, the properties defined in the standards are still insufficient to full support of multilingual mixture for multilingual formatting.

The amendment 3 should specify additional properties of the font resources defined by ISO/IEC 9541-1. Those properties can support interchange and rendering of multilingual mixtures which are required, in particular, in web environments.

2. TR of Font Services

Font Group proposes to publish the font services as a TR, identifying the status that the font services was approved by the CD ballot (ISO/IEC CD 15413) and that its revised text (N1953) reflecting the comments at the ballot was accepted in the SC18/WG8 meeting.

This proposal should attach a DTR text. If accepted by SC34, the editor should work in Project JTC1.34.33.01.

3. AM1 to ISO/IEC 9541-1

Font Group reconfirms the Recommendation 8 (JTC 1/WG4 N1972) of the last meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/WG4:

According to the previously approved Dispostion of Comments (WG8 N1885) and Editng Instructions (WG8 N1886) WG4 instructs the editor to prepare the final text of AM1/9541-1, Typeface Design Grouping, and transmit it to the JTC1 Secretariat for publication by the ITTF. To support this publication, WG4 requests Prof. Archie Provan to provide examples of typefaces to the project editor.

and instructs the editor to complete the final text as soon as possible.

4. AM2 to ISO/IEC 9541-1

Font Group requests SC34 Secretariat to confirm the today's status in JTC1/ITTF of the final text, which was forwarded to JTC1 Secretariat in August 15, 1998 (see Status report on legacy project: Project JTC1.18.27 Description and identification of Glyph Fonts).

5. ISO/IEC 9541-4

Font Group instructs the font general editor to contact with Barbara Beeton for the status and plan of ISO/IEC 9541-4: Font Information Interchange - Part4: Application-Specific Extensions.