12th CJK DOCP:
Taipei, ROC/Taiwan, Jan. 21-22, 1999

TITLE: Japanese Activities for CJK DOCP and related Document Standardization
SOURCE: Y. Komachi
STATUS: Document for 12th CJK DOCP
PURPOSE: For information
DATE: 1999-01-21

1. CICC/Font WG

CICC (Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization) in Japan established working groups (WGs)

for drafting international standards required for interchanging multilingual documents, in particular, East-Asian multilingual documents. The multilingual documents means complicated documents which include multiple languages within a line, a paragraph, a clause or a page.

Y. Komachi and Y. Okui are members of the Font WG. The Font WG started its works by the research of user requirements for extension to the existing font standard

from the East-Asian multilingual documents' point of view.

The 1st international discussion on this font topic was carried out in MLIT-3 (3rd International Symposium on Standardization of Multilingual Information Technology), in Hanoi, Vietnum, Oct. 6-7, 1998. We recognized the strong user requirements for interchanging multilingual documents particularly in web environments.

Under the recognition of the user requirements, Japanese expert proposed for ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 to start a discussion of amendment 3 to ISO/IEC 9541-1. In the last SC34 meeting the proposal was accepted and Project was created for the topic.

As a good opportunity of the 2nd international discussion, we expect the 12th meeting of CJK DOCP. For the meeting, Mr. Y. Okui prepared his document on font resources for East-asian interlinear objects, which have been major issues of the CJK DOCP.

2. JIS/TRs for Document Description and Processing

Recently we translated some important international standards and other specifications for document description and processing and published the following JIS and JIS/TRs in Japanese Language:

The following JIS/TRs were developed by INSTAC Committees and published: