Asia-Pacific Free Font Study Group

Activity Report 1998


1.  Introduction (Yasuhide Yamanouchi, Ph.D)

1.1 Background and Objectives

1.2 Software Development

1.3 Members of the Asia-Pacific Free Font Study Group

1.4 User support

2.  Clarification of User Requirements (Keisuke Kamimura)

2.1 User Requirements

2.2 User Requirements in Detail

2.3 Requirements for Implementing the Multilingual Environment

3.  Model for Multilingual Document Distribution

3.1 Document Model (Yushi Komachi, Ph.D)

3.2 Japanese and Asian Fonts Overviewed (Shuji Matsushita)

4.  System Implementation (Gen Nagamura)

4.1 The Design Concept

4.2 System Structure

5.  Future System (Akinori Okubo)

5.1 Future Plan

5.2 Subsystem B