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TITLE: ISO/IEC TR 19758/PDAM3: Extensions to Multilingual Compositions (North and South Asian Compositions)
SOURCE: Project Editors
PROJECT ID: tr19758a3
PROJECT EDITOR: Yushi Komachi and Gen Nagamura
ACTION: PDAM Processing
DATE: 2004-04-07
DISTRIBUTION: SC34, SC34/WG2 and Liaisons
REPLY TO: Dr. James David Mason
(ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 Chairman)
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DSSSL library for complex compositions

PDAM3: Extensions to Multilingual Compositions (North and South Asian Compositions)


This amendment provides additional DSSSL library specifications for multiligal compositions. The style elements supported in this amendment are based on the requirements for North and South Asian documents.

Page 9, Clause
Replace the paragraph of with the following description:

An interline note is composed within a line space and at the side (upper/lower side in horizontal composition, or right side in vertical composition) of words or phrases to be noted. Character locations in a line and interlinenote in horizontal composition are illustrated in Figure 1.

And add the following note:

NOTE  An interline note in horizontal composition may take vertically composed text, and vice versa.

Page 14, Clause 4.17.1
Add the following notes in 4.17.1:

NOTE  Bullet items in an ordered list may take spelled-out numbers or words, not numerals.

NOTE  To indicate the level of nesting, bullet items may be duplicated or multiplicated as many times as the level of nesting, instead of having nested numbering, as shown below:

a) item1
b) item2
  aa) nested item1
  bb) nested item2
c) item3

NOTE  The nested first item may be rendered just after the superior without line-breaking, as shown below:

1) item1 a) nested item1
   b) nested item2
   c) nested item3
2) item2

Page 24
Add the following clause:

4.29 First paragraph identification

To indicate the beginning of an article, the entire first paragraph may have a distinct typeface or other relevent representation from the rest of the article.

Page 24
Add the following clause:

4.30 Paragraph separator

A special mark is located between adjacent paragraphs to emphasizing their separation. The mark of paragraph separator should be specified by its glyph identifier.

Page 39, Clause 7
Add the following specification after the specification of *fli-paragraph-style*:

(define (FIRST-ITEM-WITHOUT-LINEBREAK #!optional (snl (current-node))) (if (first-sibling? snl) (make sequence (literal (format-number (child-number snl) "&glyph;") ")") (process-children)) (make paragraph ; start-indent: (+ (inherited-start-indent) 10pt) (literal (format-number (child-number snl) "&glyph;") ")") (process-children)))) ;; 4.29 First paragraph identification (define (FIRST-PARAGRAPH-IDENTIFICATION) (make paragraph font-family-name: (if (first-sibling? (current-node)) "&FontName;" ;Arbitrary fontname toward first paragraph "&FontName;" ;Arbitrary fontname toward after second paragraph ))) ; (define (FIRST-PARAGRAPH-IDENTIFICATION) ; (if (first-sibling? (current-node)) ; (make paragraph ; ;; first paragraph characteristic ; ;; ... ; ) ; (make paragraph ; ;; other paragraphs characteristic ; ;; ... ; ))) ;; 4.30 Paragraph separator (define (PARAGRAPH-SEPARATOR) (make display-group (make leader (literal "&glyph;")) (make paragraph (process-children)) (make leader (literal "&glyph;"))))

Page 42, Clause 7
Add the following specification after the specification of LIST-ELEMENT:

;; 4.17.1 Ordered list (define (NESTED-NUMBERING element-name #!optional (snl (current-node))) (let* ((numl (hierarchical-number-recursive element-name snl)) ; number list (len (length numl)) (num (child-number snl))) (make paragraph ; start-indent: (+ (inherited-start-indent) 10pt) (literal (let loop ((i len)) (if (<= 0 i) (string-append (format-number num "&glyph;") (loop (- i 1))) "")) ") ") (process-children))))

Note: The style libraries for interline note and ordered list items with spelled-out numbers will be tricky descriptions of existing DSSSL. After the study of user requirements for those style elements, some characteritics will be added as amendments to DSSSL.