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TITLE: Status report of Japanese activity on the extension to font reference
SOURCE: Toshiya Suzuki/Hiroshima University
STATUS: Informal Liaison
ACTION: For information
DATE: 2010-09-01
DISTRIBUTION: SC34, SC34/WG2 and Liaisons

Status report of Japanese activity on the extension to font reference

Reporting period: 24 March, 2010 - 1 September, 2010

As reported in SC34/WG2 N377, Japanese experts in SC34/WG2 are working to draft the font reference method to improve the font reference based on the familyname matching.

To define the quantitive properties to refer the typeface, we investigated the conventional terms used in typographic designers, like "imaginary body" (仮想ボディ), "counter" (ふところ), "the center of gravity" (重心) etc. As a result of investigation, these terms are often used by subjective context, and it is difficult to share the evaluations in international context. For example, the question for a given CJK glyph "the counter of this glyph is wide or narrow?", it may differ among CJK people. As a result, we decided to define several self-standing properties with the name which do not conflict with conventional terms.

To measure the properties, we are working to choose the appropriate glyphs. As Latin font does not define CapHeight for all capitalized characters, it is expected that there is a consistency of the typographic design tendency in a small glyph set for daily use.

Japanese Serif and Sans-Serif typeface ordered by the width between 2 vertical strokes in "日". Most glyph shows consistent increasing of the widths, but not always. See the widths of the "田" in "東".

Some experts advised that the typographic design for Japanese script after JIS X 0208:1990, the similarity with the referencial typeface HeiseiMincho (平成明朝) is very strong, especially for JoyoKanji (常用漢字) character set. We should consider the possibility to use rarely-used character to evaluate the typeface designers choice.