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TITLE: Report of SC34/WG2 -- Background of the draft agenda SC34 N401rev2
SOURCE: Y. Komachi
PROJECT: All WG2 Projects
STATUS: Document for SC34 meeting in Prague
ACTION: For information
DATE: 2011-03-27
DISTRIBUTION: SC34, SC34/WG2 and Liaisons

Report of SC34/WG2 -- Background of the draft agenda SC34 N401rev2

Major activities mainly taken by SC34/WG2 after the last meeting are shown:

1. ISO/IEC 24754-2, Formatting specifications for document rendering systems

The DTR text of the ISO/IEC 24754-2 was approved with several comments from Germany, UK and Japan. The project editors are requested to provide a disposition of the comments. It should be prepared in the WG2 Prague meeting for creating the final text of TR 24754-2.

Mr. G. Ken Holman will join the discussion via Skype at 2:00 PM in March 30.

2. ISO/IEC 9541-1, 2, 3 (2nd editions)

In accordance with the recommendation of the last WG2 meeting, the editors of ISO/IEC 9541-1, 2, 3 (2nd editions) are drafting FCD texts. They have not yet been completed in March 2011.

3. UOML (Unstructured Operation Markup Language)

Mr. Peter Junge will participate to SC34/WG2 meeting in Prague as a liaison from OASIS's UOML technical committee to SC34/WG2.

4. Status of Amd.1 to ISO/IEC 9541-4 and liaisonship with SC29/WG11

Dr. T. Suzuki will show and clarify the today's status of Amd.1 to ISO/IEC 9541-4.

He had contacted with a font expert of SC29/WG11 on Panose and will provide a formal liaison statement in the Prague meeting. Reviewing the SC29 response to the liaison, SC34/WG2 will discuss a change of scope of Amd.1 to ISO/IEC 9541-4.

5. Defect reports on OOXML fonts

Dr. T. Suzuki has been involved in the WG4 discussion on OOXML fonts defect. It will be discussed in WG4 meeting in Prague as well.