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Document Description and Processing Languages

TITLE: Incubation discussion of SC34/WG2 issues (ver.2)
PROJECT: All WG2 Projects
STATUS: Document for SC34 meeting in Brasilia
ACTION: For information
DATE: 2012-06-28
DISTRIBUTION: SC34, SC34/WG2 and Liaisons

Incubation discussion of SC34/WG2 issues (ver.2)

1. Terms of reference for SC34/WG2

After the agreement of WTO/TBT, the international standardization is facing to new position:

ISO web actually says "Getting involved in standard development can help give you early access to information that could shape the market in the future.".

It is valid for SC34/WG2 as well. We are requested or expected to develop new specifications to be standardized in the anticipated SC34/WG2. The existing terms of reference of SC34/WG2 is

To produce standards for languages and resources for the description and processing of compound and hypermedia documents, including:

a) document processing architecture and formatting for logical documents
b) multilingual font information interchange and related services
c) final-form document architecture and page information interchange
d) API's for the above document processings.

It should be reviewed and revised, as requested today by SC34 Chair:

SC 34 requests all Convenors of SC 34 Working Groups to review the Terms of Reference for their Working Group and the current and anticipated future programme of work.

2. Proposed items to be discussed in the anticipated SC34/WG2

Brainstorming discussions in WG2 provided the following keywords of new items to be discussed in the anticipated SC34/WG2. They include a number of unclear points or duplications with existing activities in other groups of ISO, IEC or ITU. They should be further discussed.

2.1 style/formatting specification for new presentation devices, for example
a) tablet display
b) wide-screen dosplay for digital signage
c) projected screen

2.2 style/formatting specification of multimedia documents, e.g., comic, game, animation and their mixture:
a) formatting objects with time-variant functionality
b) formatting objects with multiple colors
c) formatting objects synchronized with voice and sound
d) description languages appropriate for those time-variant and/or multiple color formatting objects

2.3 Accessibility consideration
2.3.1 style/formatting specification for hearing impaired persons
a) running character
b) additional subtitle with mutiple lines
2.3.2 style/formatting specification for visually impaired persons
a) SP code(texture map for auditory presentation of printed texts) allocation

2.4 Font referencing
a) property description of typefaces
b) taxonomy of typefaces

2.5 Multimedia font for multimedia documents, e.g., comic, game, animation and their mixture:
a) time-variant font
b) font with multiple colors

WG2 members and non-WG2 members are welcomed to propose additional topics to be discussed in the anticipated SC34/WG2. Those topics should be discussed and prioritized considering market relevance and our strategy, before beginning their standardizations.

3. Preliminay priority for standardization

The discussions for above topics are not yet enough, but some topics could preliminary be prioritized, as follows:

3.1 Top prioritized issues

3.2 The 2nd prioritized issues
2.3.1 and 2.1
Note The issue of 2.3.1 b) is requested by digital TV and/or cinema users hearing impaired.