ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG2 N449rev

WG2 report on Resolution 1 of the SC34 Brasilia meeting

WG2 Convenor, Y. Komachi
2012-09-17, 10-18(revised)

Responding to the Resolution 1: Request for Convenors, WG2 met in Kyoto on Aug. 21 and discussed its Terms of Reference and anticipated future programme of work. The revised text was created in accordance with the discussion in WG2 meeting in London on Oct. 18.

1. Terms od Reference

As reported in WG2 N441, WG2 should perform its activities on the following scope and terms of reference:

To produce standards for languages and resources for the description and processing of compound and multimedia documents, including:

2. Future programme of work

2.1 As reported in WG2 N445, WG2 is planning to propose the following NP for TS:

2.2 After the completion of the above TS, the following project should begin:

2.3 As shown in WG2 N436, WG2 is discussing a standardization feasibility of the following topics:

2.3.1 style/formatting specification for new presentation devices, for example
a) tablet display
b) wide-screen display for digital signage
c) projected screen

2.3.2 style/formatting specification of multimedia documents, e.g., comic, game, animation and their mixture:
a) formatting objects with time-variant functionality
b) formatting objects with multiple colors
c) formatting objects synchronized with voice and sound
d) description languages appropriate for those time-variant and/or multiple color formatting objects

2.3.3 Accessibility consideration style/formatting specification for hearing impaired persons
a) running character
b) additional subtitle with mutiple lines style/formatting specification for visually impaired persons
a) SP code(texture map for auditory presentation of printed texts) allocation

2.3.4 Multimedia font for multimedia documents, e.g., comic, game, animation and their mixture:
a) time-variant font (kinetic font, organic font, etc)
b) font with multiple colors

3. WG2 meetings

WG2 will hold the following meetings: