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TITLE: Recommendations of Sept. 2013 Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG2 in Delft
PROJECT: All WG2 Projects
STATUS: WG2 Recommendations
ACTION: SC34 endorsement
DATE: 2013-09-11
DISTRIBUTION: SC34, SC34/WG2 and Liaisons

Recommendations of Sept. 2013 Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG2 in Delft

1. Project for amendment to ISO/IEC 9541-1

Responding to the defect report SC34 N1937, WG2 recommends to establish the following poject for developing an amendment to ISO/IEC 9541-1 by subdividing the existing project of ISO/IEC 9541-1.

TitleAmendment 1 to ISO/IEC 9541-1 Annex A: Typeface design grouping
ScopeThis annex defines a typeface design grouping scheme whose purpose is to provide values for the mandatory DSNGROUP property defined in ISO/IEC 9541-1.
Rationale This amendment is to add Korean and Chinese typefaces which are currently missing.
Target datesPDAM 2014-12, DAM 2015-12, FDAM 2016-06, Amendment 2016-12

2. Appontment of project editors

WG2 recommends to appoint Dr. Soon-Bum Lim and Dr. Y. Komachi as project editors of the poject for amendment to ISO/IEC 9541-1.

3. Liaison statement to CJK-SITE

WG2 accepts WG2 N462 as an informal liaison statement to CJK-SITE regarding a defect report on ISO/IEC 9541-1 and instructs SC34 Secretariat to forward it to the Chair of CJK-SITE, Mr. Tatsuji Igarashi.

4. Watching activities of IEC/TC100/TA10

WG2 requests the Liaison Officer to IEC/TC100/TA10, Dr. Y. Komachi to watch the activities of IEC/TC 100/TA 10, in particular, for TA 10's new activities which may include Fonts specification.

5. Next meetings

2014-02-25 in Seoul (Sookmyung Womens Univ.)
2014-09-24 in Kyoto

6. Acclamation

WG2 expresses its appreciation to the Netherlands' National Body for handling arrangements of the WG2 meeting.