TR X 0005 追補3
6. 企業・組織環境における構成部品モデル
附属書E 第2.0版の概要


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Goals
Chapter 3 EJB Roles and Scenarios
Chapter 4 Overview
Chapter 5 Local and Remote Client Views
Chapter 6 Client View of a Session Bean
Chapter 7 Session Bean Component Contract
Chapter 8 Example Session Scenario
Chapter 9 Client View of an Entity
Chapter 10 Entity Bean Component Contract for Container-Managed Persistence
Chapter 11 EJB QL: EJB Query Language for Container-Managed Persistence Query Methods
Chapter 12 Entity Bean Component Contract for Bean-Managed Persistence
Chapter 13 Example bean-managed persistence entity scenario
Chapter 14 EJB 1.1 Entity Bean Component Contract for Container-Managed Persistence
Chapter 15 Message-driven Bean Component Contract
Chapter 16 Example Message-driven Bean Scenario
Chapter 17 Support for Transactions
Chapter 18 Exception handling
Chapter 19 Support for Distribution and Interoperability
Chapter 20 Enterprise bean environment
Chapter 21 Security management
Chapter 22 Deployment descriptor
Chapter 23 Ejb-jar file
Chapter 24 Runtime environment
Chapter 25 Responsibilities of EJB Roles
Chapter 26 Enterprise JavaBeans? API Reference
Chapter 27 Related documents
Appendix A Features deferred to future releases
Appendix B EJB 1.1 Deployment descriptor
Appendix C EJB 1.1 Runtime environment
Appendix D Frequently asked questions
Appendix E Revision History