Advisory Group on Stategy

updated in 2018-05-16

1. Scope

The AGS Advisory Group is charged with the design and development of long term strategies for TC 100 for the standardization of digital multimedia systems and equipment.

To meet this objective, the AGS advises and recommends action on long-term strategic plans and directions for organizational structure and procedures for more effective standards development.

The AGS will provide leadership to enable improved cooperation between industry and TC100 by creating the strategic plans, which will strengthen the relevance of TC100 standardization activities.

2. Members

Membership based on the former PACT multimedia working group, including TC 100 chairman and secretary, supplemented as necessary. The members of the AGS should cover the global regions (America, Europe and Pacific) as good as possible, but also represent industry association.

Membership List

3. Meetings

No.LocationDate and TimeAgendaMinutes
11Firenze Congress, Firenze, Italy2001-10-15, 9:00/12:30 100/AGS(Secretariat)58c 100/AGS(Secretariat)68
12JEITA, Tokyo, Japan2002-04-23, 14:00/17:30 100/AGS(Secretariat)70c 100/AGS(Secretariat)89
13Renaissance Stanford Court Hotel, San Francisco, US2002-10-14, 9:00/12:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)91c 100/AGS(Secretariat)104
14BSI, London, UK2003-11-05, 9:00/12:30 100/AGS(Secretariat)108 100/AGS(Secretariat)122
15Danish Standards Association, Charlottenlund, Denmark2004-05-18, 13:30/16:30 100/AGS(Secretariat)131a 100/AGS(Secretariat)153
16Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea2004-10-14, 10:00/16:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)154a 100/AGS(Secretariat)170
17IEC-APRC, Singapore2005-05-18, 10:00/16:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)171a 100/AGS(Secretariat)190
18Sony, San Jose, US2005-09-26, 13:30/17:30 100/AGS(Secretariat)191 100/AGS(Secretariat)209
19Helsinki, Finland 2006-05-10, 10:00/17:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)210 100/AGS(Secretariat)234
20Berlin, Germany 2006-09-26, 9:00/12:30 100/AGS(Secretariat)235 100/AGS(Secretariat)253
21Warszawa, Poland 2007-05-16, 10:00/17:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)254 100/AGS(Secretariat)278
22Colmar, France 2007-10-08, 10:00/17:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)279 100/AGS(Secretariat)297
23Bangkok, Thailand 2008-04-23, 10:00/17:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)298 100/AGS(Secretariat)320
24Sao Paulo, Brazil 2008-11-17, 09:00/12:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)321 100/AGS(Secretariat)339
25CEA, Arlington, US 2009-05-20, 10:00/17:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)342 100/AGS(Secretariat)367
26Tel Aviv, Israel 2009-10-18, 9:00/12:30 100/AGS(Secretariat)368 100/AGS(Secretariat)384
27Athens, Greece 2010-05-19, 10:00/17:00 100/AGS(Secretariat)385 100/AGS(Secretariat)403
28Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, USA 2010-10-11, 14:00/17:30 100/AGS(Secretariat)404 100/AGS432
29Madrid, Spain 2011-04-26, 10:00/17:30 100/AGS433 100/AGS454
30Melbourne, Australia 2011-10-25, 9:00/12:30 100/AGS456 100/AGS475
31Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Grapevine, TX, USA 2012-05-15, 10:00/17:00 100/AGS476 100/AGS496
32Seminaris Campus Hotel Berlin, Takustrasse 39, 14195 Berlin, Germany 2012-10-22, 9:00/12:30 100/AGS497 100/AGS515
33British Standards Institution, London, UK 2013-06-05, 9:00/17:30 100/AGS516 100/AGS541
34Shenzhen Kylin Villa, Shenzhen, China 2013-09-23, 9:00/12:00 100/AGS542 100/AGS560
35Renaissance Seattle Hotel, Seattle, US 2014-05-21, 9:00/17:30 100/AGS561 100/AGS588
36Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 2014-11-04, 9:00/17:00 100/AGS589 100/AGS614
37CEI, Milano, Italy 2015-04-22, 9:00/18:00 100/AGS615 100/AGS646
38Victoria Olimp Hotel, Minsk, Belarus 2015-10-05, 9:00/17:00 100/AGS647 100/AGS669
39OVE, Wien, Austria 2016-05-24, 9:00/17:00 100/AGS671 100/AGS703
40DKE, Frankfurt am Main 2016-09-28, 9:00/13:00 100/AGS707 100/AGS725
41IEC-APRC, Singapore 2017-05-17, 9:00/16:00 100/AGS727 100/AGS750A
42Kimpton Solamar Hotel, San Diego, US 2017-09-25, 8:00/12:00 100/AGS751 100/AGS771A
43Hotel NH Brussels Carrefour de l'Europe, Brussels, Belgium 2018-05-22, 9:00/14:30 100/AGS772 100/AGSxxx

4. Documents

5. Stage 0 projects